The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 20, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Apr 20, 1885 Went down town and bought a wheelbarrow and got a man from Canfields to come up and repair the refrigerator and to mend a leak in the gutter. Minnie announced that the kitchen drain was stopped and we had a [?] at that also but whether we cleared it remains to be seen. My father spent a part of the day sitting out on the porch as it was a warm still day. Tom worked in the flower bed where my mother used to entertain herself there spring days and I did various things. We transplanted a climbing rose which has been struggling at the back porch, down to the rear of the wood house where I hope it will have a chance to grow. Tom drove me up to the 7.15 evening train but it was nearly half an hour late. We came down flying and arrived here nearly on time. Went out and got some oysters and came back to my room and read my letters. Found one from Detroit telling me both the pictures I sent out were sold. The Shadows of Autumn to Mr. Hicker who lived in Rondout and the Autumn Twilight to a Banker who very curiously it seems to me wants ninety days time to pay for it in. I cant help feeling a little suspicious as I do not even know the parties who sold them (Hanna & Ives).

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