The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 15, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Apr 15, 1885 The weather is cold and disagreeable and the grass is only just beginning to show a tint of green in the parks. I have painted on my picture but do not improve it much. I think I must lay it aside for a while. Carl Brunner [sic] an artist from Louisville called, also Miss Pierce who was at High Falls a couple of summers. It began to rain a little afternoon but did not continue. I had arranged to go to Dobbs Ferry and was in some doubt what to do. I finally went however. Found no one home but Emma and Leta. Emma and I took a walk back from their place past country seats and skirting woods. It was pretty wet. Shortly after we returned we had supper and I came to town by 7.44 train as there was no other until after 10. Went to the club. Hewitt and Stout were there talking on political matters. I thought Hewitt didnt show much love for the administration. I think he is disappointed not to have been given an important foreign mission.

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