The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 14, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Apr 14, 1885 Cold as winter again. Went to the dentists and did some errands. Came to my room and wrote to O'Donnell the soldier of the Old 20th who wrote me from Missouri regarding a pension. Also wrote to Miss Nesmith. Painted on my picture near Roggens which is fine in parts but unsatisfactory as a whole. I think I have improved it. Mr. Dinah, the chaplain of the 20th while on three months service, called to show me a drawing made by his brother and to get some advice. He looked old and care worn. Is taking care of his father and mother at Walden, Orange Co. Have felt a little troubled and despondent today, peering into the future. Kurtz called with Mr. Sample of Louisville who bought my "Indian Summer" two years ago. He said he liked it better and better the longer he owned it. He liked my picture of "Changing Skies" very much and told me he knew of several of his friends in Louisville who meant to own something of mine. Received a very hearty note from Mrs. Custer in response to the notice of the Mail & Express I sent her. Spent the evening at home and a short time at the club.

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