The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 13, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Apr 13, 1885 I came back to N. Y. by the 8 o'clock train walking up to the station. I met Mr. Barnes on the hill and he told me Mr. Willis was very ill and but little chance of his recovery. I met Mullen Dewitt at the station and we sat together in the car. Hoped to find some news of my pictures in Nashville when I came to my studio but there was none. Went down to Henderson's and ordered some early potatoes sent up home to plant. Attended to some correspondence and wrote a note to Mrs. Custer. While I was writing it a package of the "Mail and Express" came from Stoddard with a notice of her book in which he used what I wrote to him and added some observations of his own in which he complimented me very cordially and this made for her book an extended and distinguished notice which I enclosed in my note to her. I spent the evening at home and went to the club a little while where I met Bradford English friend who entertained me with many remarkable histories, chiefly of himself.

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