The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 11, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Apr 11, 1885 I met Fitch on the stairs. He told me that he had received a letter from Mr. Auchincloss regarding my picture which was of such a character he would not show it to me. I presume he feels irritated because he cannot buy it at his price. Fitch told me he wrote him a most courteous note. Wells told Wood who told me that poor old Mrs. Winter is in debt and that is the reason she wants to leave. He says she owes Johnston $300 and the grocer and butcher some four hundred dollars more than is owing to her and some of the latter it is doubtful if she can collect. Wells wants her to remain here, finding it most difficult to get any one to fill her place. I am disgusted with Wells. I told him some time ago that if by any chance Casilears room should become vacant I wanted it. I learned yesterday from Mrs. Winter that Casilear has taken one of the new rooms and that Butler, who only came into the building this winter, is to have Casilears room. That shows how much disposition there is to oblige me after having been here nearly thirty years. I went home by 4 o'clock train. It began to snow when I left and snowed a little all the way up but melting nearly as fast as it fell. Found my father feeling pretty well. He had come down stairs unassisted this morning and sat out on the porch in the sunshine an hour. I took Mrs Custers book up with me for Sara to read and told her of my interesting visit to her. She told me Mrs. Cornell had called and had a great deal to say about dear Gertrude. She thought her the finest woman in all respects she had ever known and spoke of her dignity as well as the gentleness of her character. I think every one in Rondout who ever knew her has the same feeling toward her and this is the greatest satisfaction to me. Mr. Willis, is very ill and not expected to recover.

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