The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Apr 9, 1885 I awoke an hour late this morning and was obliged to have my breakfast in my room, which I had to hurry through with to keep an appointment with the dentist at 9.30. I have concluded to send my two pictures to Detroit in the hope that one of them will sell and went and arranged with Wilmurt who sent for them today and says they will go tomorrow. I wrote to Hanna and Ives that my prices were $450 and $300 respectively and that I would given them a margin of $150 on the one and $100 on the other. I also went to see Kepple about my Vanderlyn engravings and his man said they would send someone to look at them. Wilmurt sent the frame for Fullers picture. I went to work on a picture 20x24 from a little sketch near Roggens. Mr. Mendelson called to see about my Mt. Katahdin. He said his daughter Mrs Lewis was going into her new house and as she liked that picture he would like to give it to her if he could afford it. I told him it was in Nashville and he asked me what price I had put on it. I told him my price was $600 but had instructed them to take $500 for it as the lowest. He said he could not afford that and when I asked him how much he wanted to spend I could not get him to say. He has never bought pictures but is an intelligent man and ought to know something of their value. I told him when it came back I would see if we could not agree upon some price. Spent the evening at home and went to the club a little while.

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