The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 7, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Apr 7, 1885 A bright pleasant morning. I went up to take the 8 oclock train which did not get along until near 9 and reached town at 12. Found Weir & Mrs. Weir had been here. Letters from Lucy, Miss Nesmith and one from Charlie Osman saying he had sent 700 yards more braid and speaking kindly of the letter I wrote him about my fathers birth day. Fitch wanted to see me and I went to his room. He had had an offer from Auchincloss to give me one of the studies he bought of me and 180 dollars in cash for my picture which I told Fitch he could offer him for $300. I was obliged to decline it much as I want money but this was so much less than I felt my picture was worth that I felt sure it was not wise to accept it. I went out to get some lunch and on my way back met Mr & Mrs. Weir. They came to my room for a short call. They have had lots of trouble with illness in the family and Mrs. Weir saw that I was not cheerful. Indeed I do feel most depressed and disheartened almost in despair. The chances for selling any thing are slipping away and I do not know what I am going to do. I do not feel like work. My work is hateful to me and I feel like giving up in despair. Why am I so tired and troubled. Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson dined with us and after dinner we attended the final meeting of the Faust class at Julia Dillons.

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