The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 1, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Apr 1, 1885 The weather is mild and pleasant and the river is breaking up. I painted on my picture and have about completed it. I think in color it is one of my best. Attended the Annual meeting of the Art Union. To show the lack of interest in it on the part of the Artists a quorum was not present. Perry read the Annual report which was far from encouraging. I see no reason for its continued existence. The Artists will do nothing for themselves. After we adjourned I went to the club. Bradford introduced me to an Englishman who talked on Art. I dont know who or what he is except that he has traded extensively and is a collector of engravings. The Sceney sale is going on. Last night the pictures brought low prices. One of mine was among the first and brought $130. He paid $350 for it. Eastman Johnsons Prisoner of State brought only $400[?]. He must have given at least a thousand for it. But as a rule the American pictures have done well. I understand the sale was more satisfactory this evening. I wrote a note to W. J. Stillman calling his attention to the discrimination in hanging and in other respects against the American pictures. I feel a little discouraged tonight with perhaps no especial reason. I cant help reflecting how a little stimulus in the way of interest in my work urges me to effort and how utterly depressing is the lack of it.

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