The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 29, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Mar 29, 1885 It was snowing this morning but it cleared before noon and the weather was mild. My father came down stairs for the first time in six weeks and dined with us. He went back to his room early in the afternoon with my help as he felt uncomfortable to lie down with his clothes on. I had a talk with Girard who is still in the snag and needs help the result being that my father and I endorsed a note of $800 for him with which he is to take up the $250 note now [?] but not due and pay some of his companies according to a memorandum I made. Poor old Aunt Ann fell a week ago friday and injured her hip. I went down to see her. Jane and Julia Van Valkenburgh were there. She was propped up in bed and looked very pitiful and feeble to me. She knew me but I could hardly understand her. I see so little in old age that is comforting or attractive that it leads me to wish I may not live to be feeble and a burden. My father received a letter from Joe Tomkins announcing that he and Miss Odell are to be married. John McEntee received a telegram today from Nyack announcing the death of Mrs. Reid, the wife of Wm Reid who went to state prison from Rondout. Poor woman! What she has suffered for his misdeeds and now perhaps he is suffering for her loss and for the sorrow he has caused her.

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