The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Mar 19, 1885 We still have wintry weather and today it snowed and cleared off still colder. Fuller came in bringing a sunrise on the coast by Whittredge. He said he had not spoken to Warren yet of a picture but meant to the first good opportunity. Fuller has [been?] up to Pittsfield and found deep snow and cold weather. Have [been?] at work on various things. I stopped in to see the Sceney collection yesterday. Every thing is done there to add distinction to the foreign pictures in comparison with American work, the latter being hung up high or in obscure places, except in the case of David Johnson who has a picture almost exactly like Rousseau which is hung in a conspicuous place. I was greatly disappointed in the collection. The Rousseaus, which cost so much money were not satisfactory to me, not even what I call rich and fine in color. I couldnt help asking myself, how much notice would these pictures attract from these Wall street connoisseurs without the well known names of Rosseau, Daubigni [sic], Corot and Diaz. The picture of Munckazy and his wife looked black and unrefined. The fact is among the landscape painters of France there seems to be a skillful management of the Palette without much reference to the aspects of Nature. This does not satisfy me any more than mere mechanical adhesion to details.

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