The Jervis McEntee Diaries - March 16, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Mar 16, 1885 Tom has his hot beds ready and means to plant them today as it is bright and sunny and thawing. I came away by the noon train. Am to go home Saturday morning as Saturday will be my fathers 85th birth day and I hope Mary will go up with me and perhaps Calvert. Downing also said he would go up. The river is still frozen clear down to Haverstraw, but there are openings through the Highlands and at West Point they had opened a channel across for a small boat. The sunny day has run into grey since I reached town. Calvert and I went up to Columbia College to hear Capt Dutton lecture on "Volcanic Phenomena". The lecture was very interesting but I was so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open, and I noticed several others in the same state. It snowed hard when we went up. We walked down to the club.

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