The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 25, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Feb 25, 1885 It was snowing furiously when I went over to breakfast and continued until 10 oclock. Nearly a foot of snow fell I should say. I went to Dr. Browns at 9 but he did not come until nearly 10 and I remained until 11. I feel better bodily today but mentally I am in great trouble and feel greatly discouraged. I had a letter from Weir in which he tells me of being with Booth and that Booth said he hoped I was not estranged from him. It was most awkward for me while Booth was here last time. He said in a letter before he came he hoped to see a great deal of me and we never met at all. I could not go to see him and he was too busy I presume to come to see me and now I fear he thinks I am indifferent, and that is the way it goes. One can not even be sure of ones old and tested friendships. I have written to Booth today telling him how this expression of his has troubled me and assuring him of my unswerving loyalty to our mutual friendship. While it seems perilous as well as unnecessary to be making explanations I felt that I could not allow him even to think it possible for me to be indifferent to him. Mrs. Monnell dined at Marys and spent the evening. It is always pleasant to meet her. I escorted her home and came to my room.

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