The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 16, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Feb 16, 1885 Sara and I came down by the train which leaves Kingston at 8 but did not get along until 9. It looked like snow and we soon ran into a snow storm and as we got farther south it began to rain and poured when we reached 42nd St an hour or more late. The delays on the West Shore road are getting to be a great annoyance and passengers complain. Sara went to Marys and I came to my room vexed and uncomfortable from breathing foul air in the cars, a young wax faced fellow insisting on having all the ventilators closed. What stupidity on his point which does not seem to abate. After I reached my studio the rain poured in torrents and the East wind drove the coal gas down the chimney and into my room. Found Mr. Alfred Booths card and an invitation from Cyrus Field to a reception to celebrate his brother Daird Dudley Fields 80th birth day which took place Friday evening. Wrote to Mary Gifford. Spent the evening at Marys with Sara, Marion and Calvert both having gone out. Went to the club a short time. The weather has again grown very cold. We have every extreme in one day this year.

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