The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Feb 9, 1885 Sara and I both think my father is improving a little and we hope after the soreness of the bruise subsides a little he will get about again. Eastman went up and talked with him again before we left. We came away in the noon train. I was sad to leave Sara and my father. Eastman enjoyed his visit and said he would like to stay longer. It promised snow when we left but rained and froze when we reached town. The river was full of ice and the ferry boat had difficulty in crossing at 42nd St. It seems lonely and sad here but I try to repel discouragement knowing how it always is sad to be back here. I talked with Eastman about my plan of taking pupils and he thinks it an excellent idea and thinks I am most favorably fixed to do it. I look forward to it with much hope and interest. While I was at home I received a letter from Miss Bevier in answer to the one I wrote her father when I heard of her mothers death. There is no further news from Alice and I hope her mother may be better. The sidewalks when I went to dinner were sheets of ice. Later the rain fell in torrents. I went over to the club about 9 and met Eastman there. We looked at all the pictures. I think mine looked as well as I expected, but the hope of any ones buying it is a very feeble one. I came to my room in the drenching rain feeling sad and discouraged. Think of spending a whole winter in the city where I have lived nearly 30 years and made my mark, and selling only one small picture in all that time.

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