The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 5, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Feb 5, 1885 Bright and clear again this morning. I have been painting over the distance in my cliff picture, which I think I will call "A Storm Cloud" and have also worked on my woods picture. Eastman came down as I almost expected to tell me he would rather go up Sunday and I wrote Sade to that effect. Mr. Illman called on me. He had to tell me who he was. He is pastor of the 11th St. Universalist Church. He told me he thought the last time he saw Mrs. Sawyer her days were numbered. I have written a short note to Alice begging her to keep me informed of her condition. Poor Mrs. Sawyer. I am afraid she is discouraged with their troubles. Calvert and I called on Mrs Putnam in 57th St. She and her three daughters were at home. She is a remarkably well preserved woman. We walked down to the club. I met Eastman Johnson there. He had attended the first meeting of the new board of trustees. We walked over to 6. Av. together.

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