The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 4, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Feb 4, 1885 The weather has moderated and today it is thawing a little after a long season of cold. Fitch came up and talked very discouragingly. Some of the pictures of the members of the Artists Fund did not sell at all and they are in great straits. I think the Artists were never so poor and so discouraged as now. A card from Eastman saying he knew of nothing now to prevent his going up as proposed with me but failing to say whether he would prefer to go Saturday or Sunday. I wrote Sade we would come Saturday as I dont care for the monthly meeting at the Century. A letter from Girard with good accounts of my father and one from Alice telling me they had all been ill and that her mother is ill now and greatly depressed. Poor woman. I think she is discouraged. It troubles me to have them troubled. How it would have saddened dear Gertrude especially if she were powerless to assist. Life is full of sorrow and trial. We cant expect to be happy but we must strive for courage to meet trial and disappointment. It is all we can do. The evening came on damp and foggy. Julia Dillon and I by appointment went up and called on Mr. & Mrs. Akers in the Morell building. We met there Mr & Mrs. Silas Farington who used to be at Mr. Sawyers in Clinton. He is now an Unitarian minister settled in England for many years past. He married Charlotte Baker a school friend of my sisters. I used to hear dear Gertrude speak of him and if I remember rightly he was an admirer of hers. Went around to the club to smoke my cigar.

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