The Jervis McEntee Diaries - February 1, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Feb 1, 1885 Snowing when I awoke and continued to until noon. After dinner I drove my father out as he was anxious to go and the temperature was genial. We went down to the Point, up the river road, around by Livingstons and home through the Flatb-bush woods by the Alms house. We had a delightful drive and we both enjoyed it greatly. When we were coming home however the wind came out of the North cold and fierce and blew the newly fallen snow in a most lively manner. I began to feel cold and was very anxious about my father. However he was well wrapped up and we reached home before he got cold. He was not at all fatigued and did not even lie down after his ride so he seems quite strong and well. Sara had had a letter from Janette in which she said Joe had written for permission to go out there to have a "talk" with her but she had answered that she was aware of the subject he wished to discuss and she declined to discuss any subject which would imperil her relations with Gussies people, but that she would like to see him and Gertrude during the summer. Sara and I sat late and talked over our affairs. I wrote to Alice. It was very cold during the night.

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