The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Jan 19, 1885 Cold this morning. Came down in the 8 oclock train which was half an hour late. Another set of anxieties meets me here. My October went to Gills Exhibition. Fuller called while I was trying to make a sketch of a snow effect I saw in which I have completely failed. I fear from what he said Warren will not take the picture and my last hope of a little money seems gone. I feel in the greatest distress and anxiety for my money is nearly all gone and the expenses go on. But I shall try to keep at work. Miss Teale and her friend called. I showed Fuller my Winter. I am afraid it will not be a popular picture--indeed I do not know what is popular. I only know that I seem to have a lot of pictures that no one wants. Went up to call on Miss Nesmith in the evening but she and Mrs. Anderson had gone out. Saw Mr. Anderson and their little daughter. Came down to the club and smoked my cigar and read an article on Genl .Montgomery in the February Harper. Talked with Collins who seems to feel about as discouraged as I do. A complication has arisen about our going up to Dobbs Ferry and I have given it up for the present.

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