The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 18, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Jan 18, 1885 The snow is glazed and it is as much as ones life is worth to venture out. I talked with Sara about Laura's letter which came to Mary's and which she brought over to me just before I went home yesterday. I feel very sorry for her and Gertrude even though they think it necessary not to come to see us any more. I wrote a reply which I mean to consider carefully before I sent it and I mean to do my best to show my pity for the difficult position in which they are placed. I cannot bear these family discords and have done my best to avoid them but Joe is so persistent and so unwise that it is almost impossible to get on with him and now he causes his children the greatest unhappiness just because he has no patience and no discretion. I have said nothing to my father about it as I did not wish to add to his troubles. He is feeling pretty well and I try to avoid any thing which will sadden him. Mary and the children came over. We had the three little boys at dinner. I walked up to the station at 4 oclock to find out about the change of time table, and called to see Edward Goetchens about his father who has had a stroke of paralysis. Tom and I worked at the drain from the cellar to try to run off the water which ran in with the last rain. This is a great trouble to us.

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