The Jervis McEntee Diaries - January 14, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Jan 14, 1885 We all went up to Dobbs Ferry by the 10 oclock train to attend Loring Brace and Louise Warners wedding. It was a lovely winter day, bright and cold. Calvert, Mary, Julia, Marion, Downing & Bowyer & I went. The house looked very pretty and hospitable and we met many friends. Heber Newton married them at 1 o'clock, after which we had refreshments by Puiard[?], dancing for the young people and we left by the 4.40 train having spent a charming day. The Times this morning contained a notice of Mr. Jervis' death in his 90th year and useful and busy to the last. Mary had a letter from Laura which makes us all feel sad. She thinks it her duty to be loyal to her father, as it is, and seems to take it for granted that our love and interest for each other will grow cold. It certainly is a most trying position for those children and I feel most charitably towards any thing they may do. Dear Gussie. I wonder if she is conscious of the sorrow which her children suffer and we with and for them. So far we have escaped family troubles and estrangements and I shall try my best to heal this wound which I feel only Joe is responsible for. He is a most difficult man to get along with and he alone is responsible for all this trouble. Calvert and I walked up to 39th st. to call on the Morses but they were out so we went to 45th st. to call on Mrs. Bishop Putnam. We did not see her but saw Bishop. We walked down and I came to my room thinking I would write to Sara but reading Lauras letter to Mary quite upset me and as it was late I went to bed and soon forgot all my anxieties and troubles in a sound sleep. I go to my bed with that feeling that happily there I can rest and forget and now I awake in the morning with a half frightened feeling and wishing I could hide myself and flee from the daily disappointments and troubles.

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