The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 31, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Dec 31, 1883 Another year has gone and while each day ends a year there is something solemn and touching in the close of the calendar year and the beginning of an absolutely new one, with a new title, leaving the old one in its place with what is no more. The past year has come to me and to our family with many sorrows and losses which while we all feel deeply, have not left us in despondency and without much to be thankful for. First came Downings trouble, then poor Maurices sad death and lastly our dear Mothers. We have met them all bravely and with acquiescence and resignation and I am glad to be able to feel a sense of serenity, an absence of wearing anxiety, whatever the future may have for me and a hopeful look ahead. I could not go home as I intended to on account of an important meeting of the Trustees of the Century at which we declined Mr. Tracys request to renew arbitration in the Newton affair but adhered to our resolve to lay the matter before the club at the Annual meeting. The secretary was instructed to write an admonitory letter to Tompson and I have proposed an interview with Knower to try to induce Thompson to go to a place to be treated for his disease. I wrote to Sara yesterday and telegraphed her I could not come home.

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