The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 24, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Dec 24, 1883 It snowed considerably during the night and has rained a little today and the temperature has gone up 32 degrees since Saturday morning. The river is frozen over and the ferry boat has a track through the ice but now that I travel by the West Shore road I am not so interested in the state of the ice. I wrote a long letter to Nett Sterling today telling her about my mothers illness and death and something about poor Maurice. About 4 o'clock Park and I took a walk out beyond the cemetery. I saw a man driving towards the cemetery with an ominous box in his sleigh and later I saw him about leaving it down among the "single graves". Some poor mortal to be put away under the snow and perhaps few to lament. The walking was very difficult for the snow was at least a foot deep and the slight rain had formed a crust on its surface. I went just beyond the cemetery and got some bunches of the red berries of the Beach Alder to take to N. Y. with me. Sara, gussie and I went over to Girards to see Jimmys Christmas tree which he got up himself. Writing to Nett Sterling I have thought so vividly again of dear Gertrude, my mother and Maurice and have had just a tinge of a sad feeling, but tomorrow is Christmas and the next day I go back to my work again. I feel ready and eager for work and many responsibilities must be met.

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