The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 18, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Dec 18, 1883 Completed my Xmas purchases, which I make in the morning before the stores are crowded. Booth did not come up as he wrote he would. Began one of my pictures for Reichardt. Young Ralph Hardenburgh called to tell me he was dissatisfied with his Drawing Teacher. Hubbard asked me to send pupils to him if I had any applications and I introduced him and they went to Hubbards room together. Mr. Cirikey[?] and his daughter called. Mr. Cirikey[?] is hopeful of getting something to do by putting some of his things in "bisque[?]" which he can do cheaply. Called to see Miss McAlister this evening but she was out. Went up to the Art Union which I saw was lighted with the electric light. Found Kurty there cataloging the pictures. The light was excellent. Note to Mr. Neonett the general passanger agent of the Nest Shore road giving him my views at length on luggage express monopolies and their inefficient service for exorbitant charges.

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