The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 17, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Dec 17, 1883 Made a box for the two little pictures of my Mother and sent them by express to Lucy with a few articles from Sara which belonged to our Mother and poor Maurice. Wrote Lucy last night that she might look for this box about Christmas. A doleful letter from Sedgrich telling me of the tragic end of little "Brownie" without in the least giving me an idea of or what "Brownie" was. Snowed a little last night and the landscape I thought so beautiful yesterday means an equal but a different beauty today. Went to N.Y. by the 4.32 N.S. train arriving at my room at 8. Went out to Silshus and got some supper. Calvert came to Fishkill by this mornings Hudson River train. Found only three of my rugs at my room. A short note from Lucy sending me Mrs. McAlisters address, and telling me that Brownie was Sedgrichs little dog, killed before his eyes by some great grey hounds. My visit home was pleasant. I almost wonder about my happy and hopeful state and am most thankful I can feel so.

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