The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 4, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Dec 4, 1883 Finished packing my box of sketches and sent it down to the Cornell store house to go by boat today. It costs only 25 cents to send it by boat whereas by Express the last time they wanted me to pay I think three dollars. I called down to see Aunt Ann and learned about her family history. She is a grand daughter of Dominic Schunerman of Catskill and a cousin of my mother and married her cousin my mothers brother Matthew. She let me a very interesting newspaper cutting with extracts from an article on "Old Catskill" in I think the May 20 of Harpers Magazine for 1880. Sara and I went down to Nannies in the evening. John was in N. Y. Cold again last night but today has been a perfect Roman winter day. I cant help feeling a little sad as I make my preparations for going to N. Y. Although I come home every week still I enter upon a new life and I abandon for a time the quiet and genial life I lead here in this home I love so dearly and in all whose duties I feel so great an interest and pleasure. I wonder if I shall miss my mother more when I am alone in town in my room. I sometimes fear I shall but I shall try henceforth as I have tried to combat any mourning or sorrow for her; for all my thoughts of her are filled with the tranquil face that to me was the very embodiment of rest and peace.

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