The Jervis McEntee Diaries - December 3, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Dec 3, 1883 It was very cold last night and ice formed on the flats and along the shore. Calvert went back to N. Y. by H. R. train I went at my painting on my studio and finished it just as the sun went down. I got very cold on the North-side of the building where I had a little work to do. I am very glad it is finished. Wrote to Henry R. Goetchins of Columbus Georgia telling him I had received his letter and its inclosure which I would return after a little while. We think and talk of our mother but with no sadness and no wish to call her back. I am constantly surprised that I do not have that aching sorrow for her. There seems so much satisfaction in her release from her helplessness and besides while we are all together here she really seems to be very near to us as I believe she is. I think a great deal more sadly of poor Maurice. I never can think of him, his wasted life and premature death but with the saddest feeling. It seems to me now that were he living I could be so much more help to him.

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