The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 19, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Nov 19, 1883 Went over to the cemetery after breakfast and covered Gertrudes grave stone which I have not done for two years past. Tom took over two loads of manure and spread over our lot. Worked in my studio during the forenoon painting out the wooden bee hives in my picture and putting in the straw ones. Went to the Strand after dinner and bought paint and oil to paint my outside studio. It has been painted only once since it was built. Am going to paint it myself and paint it three shades of red. It is beautiful Indian summer weather and a good time to do it. A letter came from Andrews today. Lucy had got my letter telling her of our dear mother's death and got him to write. The letter was short but long enough to show me how deeply Lucy is affected by the announcement. Last night I read some of dear Gertrudes letters which I recently found in a box down in the carriage house. She seemed to live again and after I had read them all a great wave of sorrow swept over me as I realized that she could speak to me no more.

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