The Jervis McEntee Diaries - November 5, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Nov 5, 1883 A charming Indian summer day. I painted again on the sketch of my mother from her sweet dead face and have at last got some little hint of that serene expression from which I think I can work. I went down town and saw about sending the casket up tomorrow. Met Fred Norton and brought him up to the house where I met Annie going on my way down. I took him in to see my mother. Poor Mrs. Saloff who has worked here a great deal and to whom in her struggling days of poverty my dear mother was most kind. She was entirely overcome and said "She was such a hard working woman" Mrs. Stringham came again and assisted us in caring for the dear remains which happily do not materially change as we await Gussies arrival and from whom we do not hear. Mr. & Mrs Cram called. Mrs John Smith, Mrs Lemont Smith, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs E. Tomkins also with the most beautiful autumn leaves I ever saw and a quantity of pansies sent by her husband who gave them to her to bring with tears in his friendly eyes. I slept on the sofa again in the sitting room.

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