The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 24, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Oct 24, 1883 It rained hard nearly all night and was still threatening this morning. One of the carpenters came but Parcell did not come until 9 oclock. They got one side of the wood house shingled and will finish tomorrow. I went over to my studio and worked most interestedly on my little figure all day. I do not succeed in making it as good as the sketch but I will I am sure. Downing and Sara called at Mrs. Cornells this evening. They were talking about Mr. Doremus who was married to one of Fred Stevens daughters today. She is a young girl and he is sixty at least. Major Cornell said that reminded him of a letter he had just received. It was from Old Major Mapes informing him that his wife died two years ago (it must have occurred shortly after he was here) and he had just married a lady of 43 his age being 86. They were going into a speculation of establishing a health resort at some mineral spring. He said she had some means but he wrote to the Major for a loan of $300.

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