The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 20, 1883

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Oct 20, 1883 It was raining this morning when I awoke and has rained gently all day clearing towards evening with a wind from the N. Just the day to be in the studio. I went over there after breakfast and built a fire and after painting a little while on a picture of roses I made this summer I began to arrange my picture "Telling the bees" for which I made a study of Marion last summer. I used my study of the Van Aken house and the hollyhocks I did this summer; Drew it all in on a mill board 20x24 and painted the head of the figure although I had not time to complete it. I am greatly interested in it and have a feeling that I can do it better than I ever could have done it before. It is so comfortable to have my nice studio to go to on days like this and when I want to do any special work, that I wonder how I ever got along without it. There were some very grand and solemn effects at sunset as the storm cleared away. I feel impressionable and happy and see pictures readily now. A man must be happy to be able to receive certain impressions from Nature, not that some of the grandest achievements have not come from great unhappiness. A letter from Eastman and a note from M[?]stick saying he would send the Carpenter on Monday.

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