The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 15, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, Oct 15, 1883 It grew colder in the night with the wind from the North and today has been a breezy, most brilliant day. Folded up the tents after thoroughly drying them and put them away. Calvert, Sara, Nannie and I drove out to the woods on the right of the Roatina where dear Gertrude and I got our last ferns. We went just before dinner and got a nice lot of ferns. The color every where was enchanting. What a lovely region this is at this time of the year. Have wiped off and varnished all my sketches with retouching varnish and they look much more brilliant. I have forty five that I have made this season and I feel rich in them and I mean to have more. Received a letter from Mr. Kurtz in charge of the American Art Union now at the Southern Exposition in Louisville informing me that he has sold my "Indian Summer" for $600 according to my instructions. This adds to my comfortable feeling. Calvert went back to N. Y. this evening and Downing went with him to return on Thursday. Calvert hopes to return in a few days. The nights are most brilliant now with a full moon.

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