The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 5, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Sept 5, 1883 A heavy shower passed through the valley last night. After breakfast we again went up the stream following it up into the Notch. I was surprised not to find a trace of a wood road for I distinctly remembered a well defined road through the Notch. When we got back we learned the road was on the other side of the stream. We selected a place for a camp and decided to come out next Monday. Downing fished down the brook. He happened to have a couple of hooks and made a line of the cord of his eyeglasses. He caught eight little trout specially for his grandmother. We arrived at the Mill about 2 o'clock. Every one had gone to a pic nic except Mr. Wilber and he had made arrangements for us to get our dinner at his brothers across the stream after which we arranged with him to haul our camp outfit up from Mt. Pleasant on Monday 10th and started for home at 3. The wind had changed and blew directly after us. The rain had not extended beyond the mountains and we returned as we went in a whirlwind of dust reaching home at 6.30 after a most uncomfortable and fatiguing ride. My boil while getting better was still painful and added to the discomfort of the journey. I found a letter from Royal Reed telling me that William Boynton one of our Maine guides and a favorite one died last winter. The announcement gave me a feeling of genuine sorrow.

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