The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 4, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Sept 4, 1883 Downing and I drove out to Mink Hollow today through Woodstock, Bearsville and Lake Hill. We left home at 10 o'clock and reached there about 19 miles at 3.30 having stopped one hour to feed our horse. We drove through clouds of dust the wind being with us and the road rough and as dry as ash beds. We stopped at Rufus Wilbers at the Steam Mill. My boil was very troublesome all the way riding out. As soon as we reached there and put our horse up we went up the brook to explore to see if it would be worth while to camp there. I found the stream pretty particularly in the color of the rocks etc. We returned to supper intending to go up again tomorrow. Gifford and I went through here a number of years ago, more than fifteen years for it was while we were living in our little house. I was surprised to find how little I remembered of the road. I found the valley more cultivated than I thought. There are only two or three clearings however beyond the mill.

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