The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 25, 1883

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Aug 25, 1883 I left home July 30th and joined Whittredge at Deans Corners. Next day we walked up to Kellys Corners three miles above there and examined a brook the Batavia Kill which comes into the Delaware there. We determined to go there and engaged board at a Blacksmiths Mr. Geo. Peet and next day had our trunks taken up there where we remained until today sketching busily along this short piece of the stream. We had about exhausted our interest there and fancying Whittredge would rather be alone I came home while he removed a mile or so down the Delaware to the Hubbell Hill stream. I am afraid Whittredge does not care for my companionship or perhaps for any, and I dont think we were as congenial as when we were both younger. At any rate while fully in the mood for working from nature I after mature consideration decided to come home which I did apparently with no regret expressed on his part. I am sorry to be forced to believe this but such is my feeling. We had cool, pleasant weather most of the time and August has borne out my observations of several years past, to the end that it is really a pleasant month. We went on a pic nic yesterday to Hubbell brook with the ladies and gentlemen whom we met at Deans. Mr. Betts' family Mr. Bervis' Mr. Howard, Mr. Dibble & Mr Barnum. They were all down at the train at Deans this morning to bid me good bye. I left my satchel at the station at Kelly's standing by the side of the track having forgotten it in attending to my trunk. I arranged with young Mr. Betts to have Mr. Hoffman go and put it up and send it to me. There was not much of value in it except some letters, particularly one from Booth which I received while there and which showed that he entirely misapprehended Sara's and Marys letters to Edwina. This is a most delicate and complicated business and needs the most judicious consideration. Found Calvert here who has been suffering with a carbuncle. Stedman has failed while I have been away and from all accounts by a concealed speculation on the part of Fred. My mother is looking bright and is stronger than when I went away.

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