The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 29, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, July 29, 1883 A perfect day with a light breeze from N. W. I am impressed by the influence of the weather upon my spirits. These cool, semi-autumnal days I feel a sense of repose and an immunity from trouble and anxiety which is very noticeable. After dinner Sara, Cousin Rachel and Girards wife and I drove out over the Kingston bridge and home by Glen Erie. The country about Plattskill was charming in the rich afternoon light and the mountains seemed to invite us to come to them. I am going to join Whittredge tomorrow at Deans Corners. I do not know where we will settle but I hope somewhere very soon. I always feel a little sad on leaving home but everything is going on well and Mary and Cousin Rachel are here. I think my mother is improving. She looks better and sits more erect and is more like her old self. Last night when I lifted her into her chair I placed her on her feet and she took three decided steps with her disabled foot and besides raised her disabled arm. I feel encouraged to think she yet may be able to help herself to a considerable extent. I wrote to Lucy, to Gussie and to Alice.

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