The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 28, 1883

Diary Entry:

Saturday, July 28, 1883 It rained this morning but Mr & Mrs Sawyer left by the 7.40 W. S. train. It was not raining when they left and looked as though it would clear up. Bowyer came up by the W. S. train last night and he and Downing went out to see Julia at Potters Hollow on the U. & D. road via Grand Gorge. Shortly after Mr & Mrs. Sawyer left I got word from the Freeman office that the shawl Mrs. Sawyer lost on Sunday while we were riding had been found on the Flat bush road. I went down and got it and paid the finder, a German who could not speak English a dollar for his trouble. A postal card came from Whittredge from Walton Del. Co. saying he was going to Delhi yesterday and perhaps to Stamford or Deans Corner and might be here tonight but he would not stop any where near Port Jervis. I went up to the Union Station thinking he might come down in the afternoon train from the mountains but he did not. While I was there the Philadelphia Express an hour and a half behind time came with ten or eleven cars, one of them the Presidents private car with Genl. Porter and Genl. Winslow on their way to the mountains. The station presented a very busy appearance with the arrival and departure of the trains, two for the mountains, one with 9 cars, three of them parlor cars, one train from Albany, one to N. Y. and one by Wallkill Valley. I have just received a card from Whittredge saying he is at Stamford and will come to Deans and stay until Tuesday and wishing me to join him there. He is evidently perplexed and dont know where to go.

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