The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 18, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, July 18, 1883 The beautiful days continue. A rich, clear air and a light N. W. wind. A letter came from Booth nicely repeating the substance of Edwinas. It was kind and considerate and asking me to write to him in N. Y. where he will be on Monday next. Downing bears his trial well and seems as rational and sensible as any one can be. We had a talk together this evening and he gave me his entire confidence. Mary and I have talked the matter over and conclude that we have done our duty. She and I walked up to the W. S. Station after dinner and saw the Phil. express come in with six cars and saw the people depart for the mountains. We walked down the track, through the tunnel and out a distance on the bridge returning through the cemetery. The morning glories I planted on Maurices grave are growing nicely and have begun to bloom. Wrote to Mrs. Sawyer sending her the W. S. trains from Newburgh.

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