The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 17, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, July 17, 1883 Immediately after breakfast Downing and I went on the side hill and began cutting out the view. We cut down five trees and a number of branches from others opening up nearly twice as much of the river as we had before. We worked until noon very hard and got pretty warm. Just before dinner Downing received a letter from Edwina and he seemed troubled thereafter and did not eat his dinner. He showed me the letter which expressed her desire to break off the engagement between them and also his reply which he sent this evening. The whole thing has been so abrupt and so unexpected that I do not know what to think and can form no conclusion yet. Downing bears it quietly and philosophically and I hope will not be injuriously affected, but time can alone show that. Mary came by the day boat. We have talked the matter over but are both at a loss to account for this sudden determination. She is depressed and troubled but bears it as she bears all trials with patience and fortitude. We had heavy showers and tremendous thunder and lightning towards evening. A letter from Mrs. Sawyer in which she says she and Mr. Sawyer expect to come the last week in this month.

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