The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 16, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, July 16, 1883 Another perfect day with light breezes from the north and a rich atmosphere after the rain. It seems to me the summer never came in so lovely a guise. Frequent showers have kept the foliage full and green and the weather has in the main been cool and delightful. Tonight the moon shines over the landscape with a soft splendor that suggests nothing of earth. Our place was never more lovely. We have had my poor mother out in her invalid chair and Downing wheeled her about the place and over to my little house. If she could only be permitted to walk about and to enjoy it all. She cried when I laid her in her bed tonight. Life must seem sad to her who has always been so helpful to every one about her. I spent the forenoon making a portable easel and this afternoon I cleaned up my mothers flower garden in which she so enjoyed working. Downing wheeled her around to look at it. She is interested in all we do and likes to have us about her. I feel sad when I think of going away but shall not be far off. Sara had a letter from Lucy filled with longing for home and poor little Sedgwick wants to come home too and is very sad when he thinks of poor Uncle Mory.

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