The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 1, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, July 1, 1883 Booth, Edwina, Downing, Sara, my father and I went to the Laurel House leaving the junction at 7.29 and reaching the Laurel House at 11, over the new Kaaterskill rail road just completed. Saw the falls from above, had a tram and were driven over to the Mountain House. Booth was delighted, said he loved the mountains better than the sea and that if he had not located at Newport would have been attracted here. Spent an hour there. Met some of the Appalachian Club on our excursion here. Drove back to Schutts and dined. He has a large addition to his house. Left for home at 3.06 and reached the N. Y. Junction about 530. All these changes jar upon the sentiment of the Kaatskills and I feel our dear old haunts invaded and spoiled to a certain degree. Sweet and tender memories of dear Gertrude and Gifford and "the days that are no more" thronged to my heart.

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