The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 20, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, June 20, 1883 Painted on Maurices portrait which looks somewhat like him but somehow I am unable to get any color. A telegram came from Downing saying he his mother and Edwina would come up in the 4 oclock train. It was a beautiful day and I made all my arrangements to go over the creek to begin a study at the old Van Aken house, put my easel, camp stool etc. in the wagon so as to be ready to start immediately after dinner and set my sketch box in the hall to carry down after dinner. Just as I was getting ready to drive off Girard sent word he and John McEntee were going fishing but as we had arranged to go tomorrow I went and saw him and he said they would not go until then. I drove off and just missed the ferry boat and had to wait some time but arrived at the house at 2 o'clock just in good time when after tying my horse I went to get my sketch box and found to my unutterable disgust that I had not put it in the wagon and there was nothing to be done but drive back home. It was a great disappointment to me because the day was so fine and I was anxious to get to work. I did not know what to do with my self the rest of the day but Marion sat for me and I worked on her picture until six oclock but to little purpose. Some times every thing I do seems utterly idiotic and I am in despair. Marion is such a good subject but I can do nothing that is half way decent. After tea I drove down and met Mary, Downing and Edwina at the ferry. Booth is coming up on Saturday. Had a letter from Alice today very much shocked at the news of Maurices death. She had received the paper but her mother had not yet got my letter. She liked Maurice and he was very kind to her. She said her father and mother were very sad over the news of his death.

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