The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 17, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, June 17, 1883 I went over to the cemetary this morning. They had covered Maurices grave with evergreens and Mrs. Davis and Sara went there yesterday and arranged some flowers upon it. I am going to cover it with morning glories. Have written to Mrs. Sawyer and to Mary Gifford. Pa read at the dinner table with a broken voice "If I should die tonight" so many things in it sound fitting to poor Maurice. Sara has just shown me a book in which he copied favorite poems, a book Gertrude gave him. The last one, yet uncopied seemed most fitting to his own case. He had a tender shot in his heart and I guess that I could not have got nearer to him. In what sharp contrast as all my feelings towards him now to what I have so often said of him and written in my diary when he was so severely trying our patience. Mary and Downing went to N.Y. by the six o'clk train to meet Booth and Edwina who are expected daily now. We were all sorry to have them go. John and Nannie came up and spent the evening. It is always pleasant to have them here.

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