The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 14, 1883

Diary Entry:

Thursday, June 14, 1883 Breakfasted at Marys. Calvert desired me to remain over until tomorrow and Downing would return with me. I went out with him and spent the forenoon making purchases of clothing etc and we lunched at Marys. Afterwards I went up to Eastmans and had a long talk with him. He asked about Maurice and I told him what an anxiety he was to me and that he was away again, no one knew where, and that it would be a relief if he were dead. Came down to Marys to dinner. A few minutes before six a telegram came to Mary from Girard telling her that Maurice died at home this morning. How little I dreamed that while I was talking with Eastman my wish had been realized and at that very moment he was beyond annoying us any more. It came to me with an awful shock and I could not help accusing myself of hardness and severity. I thought of his wretched end, probably dying alone with no friendly word to help him and all my bitterness turned to pity and compassion. We talked of him and cried over his wretched life and sad end until after 9 when I went to my room to write Gussie, as I could not get home until the morning train. I telegraphed I would come by the morning train and after writing to Gussie went to bed.

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