The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 13, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, June 13, 1883 Marion left by morning train to go to Dobbs ferry to attend a party at Mr. Braces and Downing and I went to N. Y. by the day boat Albany. It was a warm day but cloudy and we had a most delightful sail down. The river was charming and we enjoyed the trip greatly. Just before we reached the city the wind sprang up from the N. W. and it grew delightfully cool. We reached town at 5.30 and went directly to Marys where we had dinner. Calvert and Mary regretted that Downing came down and have urged him to return with me on Friday. I intended to return tomorrow morning. Went to the Century to attend a special meeting to investigate charges against the Steward by the House Committee. We were there until 12 oclock and I confess I could not help the conviction that there was great waste and mismanagement somewhere. We finally by resolution left the house committee to deal with the steward as they thought best. Did not get to bed until after 1 o'clock. The night was cool.

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