The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 3, 1883

Diary Entry:

Sunday, June 3, 1883 It has been a cool cloudy day and we have had a fire in the parlor all day. My father has made himself ill working piling wood up today against our demonstrances. I spent the forenoon writing to Lucy, to Mrs. Grey from whom I had a letter a few days ago, to Mrs. Col. Sanford and to Perry sending fifteen dollars as the first assessment on six shares of Art Union stock. It has been a forlorn, homesick day and a thousand troubles and apprehensions have tormented me. Downing and I took a ride out along the Sawkill road and around by the Glasco bridge and home by Glen Erie. I enjoyed it when I could cease troubling about affairs. I try to hide my worries from Downing but tonight I am heart sick. Maurice is drinking again and all that frightful business is to be gone through with again. He went off this morning and has not returned. I have not the courage to face this trial and I fear its effect on my poor mother. Downing and I have been talking about Booth and Edwina who are to sail for home on Saturday. They expect to come here and I would only be too glad to have them only I know it will worry my mother and I am afraid we cannot make it pleasant for them here. I am distracted thinking of it. How can there by any place for my Art in the midst of these worries and yet it is on that we all depend. I shall try to let time unravel the complications.

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