The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 30, 1883

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, May 30, 1883 At 10 30 he and I took the Harlem train for Mr. Butlers at Scarsdale where we had been invited with the G. B. Club to lunch and spend Decoration day. On the train met Gordon, Judge Spier, Lord, Collins, Whittredge, Southmayd, Judge Sedgwick, Dr. Otis, Drisler, Marbury and Newberry. Dr Parker Jr and Mrs. Dr. Stimson were at the house. Had a very pleasant day and got back to town at 5.30. While Eastman, Robbins and I were walking up 5th Avenue met Stedman who joined us and asked us around to his house. Their house was all cleaned for summer as Mrs Stedman is going away to be gone several months. Stedman said he had had two bad years and instead of making money was losing. Is building a country house up near Portsmouth. Wanted me to stay to dinner. Mrs. Stedman came down to see us just before we left and Fred came in. He has grown grey and bald and looks as old as his father. Dined at Eastmans and staid over night.

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