The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 18, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, May 18, 1883 Went by appointment up to Fullers office and from there to his rooms in 41st St to see his pictures. He has one large one of Gifford and a smaller one, one of Whittredges four of mine one of Wordsworth Thompson and a very good one of Murphy. He paid me for my picture of "Evening" $350. Perry called the Art Union Board of Control together this afternoon to decide about hiring the rooms in the Wheeler Wilson building. Wm. Hart backed out of the board as he backs out of every thing he ever went in to. The rest of us Perry, Wood, Beard, Bristol, myself and Eastman Johnson by vote to Perry were in favor of closing the affair by taking the room but Wm Hart backing out left us without a quorum. Perry however is to see Bierstadt this evening and as he is in favor of it Perry will give our answer to Wheeler & Wilson tomorrow morning. Wm Hart has the least back bone of any man I know. He is said to be a rich man but the risking a little money frightens him. I dont understand such people. Dined at Eastman Johnsons. Lang was there also. He is 69 years old and I remember him as a comparatively young man.

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