The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 7, 1883

Diary Entry:

Monday, May 7, 1883 Julia Vaux and I took a ride out on the Flat bush road and gathered a quantity of Hepaticas and Sanguinaria and then drove over to the Pine bush road and home. In the afternoon I took off the double sashes from the house. Julia and I came to N. Y. by the 6 oclk. train and reached the home at 9. The first question they asked us was whether we had seen anything of Downing. He had started for the office but just before he went, after breakfast he received a letter from Edwina and after reading it went out with his satchel and spring overcoat, intending to come home from the office in the Bible home, to which they have just moved, to lunch. About noon Calvert sent up to know if there were any reason why Downing was detained. They sent around to his room at 75th St & Irving Place to see if he were there but he was not. This alarmed them and they went to all the hospitals but to no purpose. Julia asked if they had been to his room that evening. She thought he might be there. Calvert immediately went there and found he had been there about 7 oclock. The servant had seen him and heard him in his room pouring out water as if washing himself and he then went out. Calvert found his overcoat and his satchel which he had taken in the morning. In it were some foreign copper coins, evidently left in a side pocket of the satchel since he returned from Europe, and his revolver, empty. It had not been fired recently and there were no cartridges. The Superintendent of police had been seen and he advised not sending out a general alarm until tonight. I staid in the front parlor of the house in which Downing had his room, all night, in case he should return. In the morning when I went out to breakfast I met Calvert on the sidewalk. He had been in the vicinity all night watching the house.

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