The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 4, 1883

Diary Entry:

Friday, May 4, 1883 A warm spring day. Went up to 152nd St by the L. Road. Walked up to High bridge and crossed it to a restaurant near where I had lunch and then came back to my studio by the Northern and Elevated roads. In the evening attended a meeting of the Art Union at the Academy. About 40 artists were present. Passed two amendments to the Constitution, one to prevent incurring debt and one for calling general meetings. A good feeling prevailed. A plan for the Art Union scheme was presented which was unanimously agreed to and all seemed pleased. Every indication seems to promise success. Received a note from Mrs. Wheeler asking me to go with her & Mr & Mrs. Thurber to the mountains this evening and to meet them on the Rondout boat. Answered that I could not go with them but would join them next day at Roggens.

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