The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 1, 1883

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, May 1, 1883 The people opposite are moving and I cant help a feeling of compassion for them. I feel it a blessing that I am not compelled to change year after year as so many do. Went and ordered a suit of clothes for the summer at Castors a cheap place. I dont know what the result will be but it is a consolation to know that the cost will be less than half what my tailor will charge. Commenced a "Yellowstone" picture. Dont know how it will turn out. Sent my little picture to Prof. Pumpully and wrote to him. Went to Mr. Gordons in the evening to meet Mr. Booker the British Consul General. There were a great many Scotch and English gentlemen present and of the Artists only Eastman Johnson, Whittredge and myself. Whittredge and I walked down together and we talked in my room until 1 oclock.

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